Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Old Work Recorded

These are several images I have recently scanned to my computer. They represent some work which inspires me to continue my efforts with paint, paper, pastel and charcoal. The watercolor with four figures was inspired by a meal and conversation I had with my brother in law several years ago at a bistro on 2nd Ave. in Manhattan. I had taken the train into the city from Boston to spend some time with him and while riding thru Connecticut on the return trip I pulled out my sketchbook and recorded my memory of the previous night's supper setting. From that came the watercolor.
Shoiban modeled for the charcoal figure, Venus in Transit remains a work in progress and the Wisteria is an image of my backyard in Duxbury, Massachusetts done several years ago; it's watercolor and pastel and a particular favorite.

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Anonymous said...

These works are absolutely stunning! I am glad you stopped by my blog and I am even more glad that I, in turn, have stopped by yours! Work hard, good artist!