Thursday, February 28, 2013

Charcoal/Still working this through?

18" x 24"/Charcoal + pastel

I often think I overwork pieces.  And that desire to make adjustments or revisions confuses me.  I like to consider my work an attempt to follow the example of expressionist painters and I imagine them to have worked themselves up into some sort of sublime state of nonjudgmental creative energy every time they worked and at the end they discovered they'd made something remarkable in some way or another!!  And I tell myself that I am making marks just to see what happens but that notion begins to coalesce into a "plan" and there goes my "thoughtless" expression!?!
I bet they (the expressionists, e.g. Chagall) didn't actually paint that way.
With respect to the piece above, I'm going to leave it alone.  I just decided.
And of course,  this is a recurring theme in my blogging about my work so please indulge me, if you will.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nina's Nook Exhibit

18" x 24"/Charcoal and pastel
12" x 16"/Oil on board
The lower image is a view of a larger work on display at a local gallery exhibit of erotic art.  Not sure but I feel it is at the margins of what I understand to be erotic representation but none the less I was pleased it was chosen to be included in the collection of work produced by local painters, photographers and sculptors.
The venue is Nina's Nook, a unique space located at 125A Avenue A, Turners Falls, Mass. 01376.  Turners is just a quick jog off of Rt. 2 between Gill and Greenfield.  More about the exhibit, gallery hours, etc. can be found at
Above is one of several pieces on paper I did some time ago.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Oil on canvas/24" x 36"
Have a bit of a series of landscapes going.  In October of last year I took a drive up to the hills around Shelburne Falls, took some photos and did some drawing and painting.  The work in the studio continues.
And no, taking photos of my work isn't something I've been able to improve much on...unfortunately.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Drawing with charcoal and pastel

Pastel and charcoal on paper
This piece is about 18" x 24" and was done recently.  She's seated on an invisible chair and surrounded by an aura or field of extra energetic random squiggles which seem to keep her from falling.  More really soon.