Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The top four pieces were done within the last week or so and are clearly a departure from most all of my previous painting. They are a combination of water media: transparent watercolor and opaque media. The figure in a wrap (charcoal) was done just a few weeks ago at the Sunday morning life drawing group I attend. The second figure was done at the same venue but about six weeks ago. The pastel road/woods/field scene was completed during the spring of 2007 and I just photographed it to scan the other day. It is a location I particularly enjoy in Shelburne Falls. When the weather is good I like to set up my easel on location and either paint or work with pastel.
The abstract/subjective works were based on sketches I did previously; I posted two examples just prior to this posting. I haven't worked in that fashion too often, that is, to prepare something of a preliminary rendering to execute in another medium. The techniques used in one medium don't necessarily translate easily in another! So, I took some liberties....and why not, it's my work, huh?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

These are colored pencil with some ink detail and lines I did within the last day or two with the idea that they could be preliminary sketches for larger works or used as greeting/note card designs.
They were inspired by a need I had to attempt to visually represent the dynamics of the interaction I was experiencing with a not-so-close friend. The star forms were chosen because they are symbolic of almost boundless energy; the gold/cold waves came to mind as symbolic of distance to be transcended; the colors just appealed to me though they may be meaningful on some level beyond aesthetic appeal.