Thursday, May 15, 2008

These are colored pencil with some ink detail and lines I did within the last day or two with the idea that they could be preliminary sketches for larger works or used as greeting/note card designs.
They were inspired by a need I had to attempt to visually represent the dynamics of the interaction I was experiencing with a not-so-close friend. The star forms were chosen because they are symbolic of almost boundless energy; the gold/cold waves came to mind as symbolic of distance to be transcended; the colors just appealed to me though they may be meaningful on some level beyond aesthetic appeal.

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moneythoughts said...


I was just checking out people that paint and came across your blog. I liked your nude, very expressive. The boat was a nice piece too. Your color pencil sketches redone in oil paint with bold colors could make a very interesting pair. Are you familiar with Marsden Hartley? German Officer.

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