Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013/First Post

So, this is a watercolor I did about four years ago.  I worked from a charcoal drawing I'd done about three or four years prior to this rendering.  It's a favorite of mine and many family members; it suggests or reminds us of a particularly challenging and stressful period during which medical treatments, hospitals, and hope saturated our lives.  That hope and treatment brought rewards and viewing this image rekindles a place of strength, warmth, optimism and successfully pushes worry to the side while it's delicacy acknowledges that we are all frail when living in time.
Although I've been silent here for just about a month I've spent time working on several larger pieces.  I've not neglected the art but have not done much of a job recording my activities.  That will change in the days to come!  I have lots of work to present and will, I hope, have lots to say about it, too.
Oh, and the image above is one I'm hoping will displayed in a local figurative show which opens shortly.