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A month like no other??????

So, been away from posting although not away from making things, I'm happy to say.  As well as being energized and maybe creative over the last several weeks, I've closed some doors and opened many others.  (Just suddenly was reminded of Collin Hay's song "Waiting for my real life to begin"!)

What's happened?  Well, I had to leave the studio space I occupied for almost seven years when the owner began to execute his plan to sell his home and move to another state.  Marketing the property required that my space be cleared and cleaned so as to allow a prospective buyer a look at the possibilities.  It required a rush of activity to both find a new location and empty the literally 1000's of pieces (mostly drawings) tucked away, plus brushes, easels, canvas, paint, stuff, books, magazines, furniture etc.  Not always a happy task but maybe a good experience.

I sifted through piles of work and actually tossed some things; gave dozens of paintings to persons I hope will enjoy them and display them??  Spring cleaning of a sort.

Packed my car with what I wanted to hold on to and trucked to Erving, a small town along the Millers River, to new space in a converted tool manufacturing building.  Lots of stairwell climbing to get settled......well, sort of settled.  Things are still scattered, stored here and there, garage, storage space, living room.

Going and growing are in my sentimental,  symmetrical world, so for that I am happy.  In the process, though, I broke some things which I doubt I'll ever be able to reassemble.  The pieces, I hope, will remind me that the process of all creative activity begins, for me, with a form of disassembly.  Just like love is not an end in itself, living life with creativity isn't a straight line.

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Oil on canvas
detail-in progress

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Two sketches from a recent drawings series.

Graphite, ink, watercolor
on paper

Graphite and acrylic
on paper

Monday, June 26, 2017

working this out

30" x 20"
Ink and acrylic
on foam board

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Went back into these yesterday.........



Acrylic and oil
on paper

Oil on board

Monday, June 12, 2017

More alterations; quote from Chagall

In progress
Oil on canvas
Marc Chagall: "The inner world can be more real than the world of appearances.  When we dismiss as absurd that which does not seem to us to be logical, we merely prove that we know nothing about nature."  (From a short biography, Marc Chagall, by Jacques Damase, New York, 1963.)

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Check out the previous posts of this picture.  I've just let some stuff go and here is what is happening.

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Early work

18" x 24"
Charcoal and pastel
on newsprint