Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sketching and painting

My current remunerative employment provides not much visually but does offer a sufficient amount of free time that occasionally I can grab a pen and my sketchbook. Usually I'll rough something out and then, when away from the Men's Department, add some color with pencil or sometimes watercolor. Above is an example.

As I try to develop a consistent approach to my work...which for me is a challenge because I enjoy experimenting with materials and styles of representation... I often think that I should work exclusively with a combination of watercolor and pastel. In several pieces I have used watercolor to create a basic image and then done an overlay of pastel in an effort to "focus" the image. Two examples are posted here: a figure and a "landscape" by the sea. The water scene was done mostly from my memory of a place in Rockport, Massachusetts I like to visit and the figure was done at my studio frm life.

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claudielh said...

Hi Rob! "Museworthy" here. Gorgeous images! Glad to hear you have enough time to devote to your art and that your job isn't monopolizing your days. It's so important to find the time for our passions, the things that provide sustenance and joy to our souls. With your sketchbook on hand, sounds like your dedication is with you at all times, as it should be.

I'm impressed with your technique of combining watercolor and pastel - two difficult mediums from what I hear. Both beautiful, of course. I love that figure!

Blog is looking terrific. And your sensitivity and sincerity is all over it, which makes it a pleasure to read.