Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gloucester Harbor

The Gloucester Marine Railway isn't too far from the spot where I stood to begin this pastel painting. I was on a pier adjacent to a place called The Madfish Grille, tucked away from the sidewalks and galleries on Rocky Neck, on a Sunday afternoon. It was kind of an overcast day as I recall with an occasional peek of sunshine. I was approached by a man and had enough of a conversation with him that I learned he was visiting from San Francisco, worked for a marine technology-related magazine and he thought I must have had lots of experience doing what I was doing! Not that it was a first time thing but working outside was somewhat new to me and "experienced" was not a term I'd have used to describe how I felt about about what I was doing!
This piece has been sold and was exhibited in a Member's show at the New Art Forum in Kingston, Massachusetts several years ago.

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