Friday, December 30, 2016

year end review

As 2016 comes to an end I'm looking back over a years worth of picture making.  Lots to appreciate including simply having the opportunity to proceed with what I love doing.  Personal expansion and understanding top the list of gifts from all of this.  Not to sound too selfish or self-centered but I am the one doing it, eh? Learning to be critical of what I do is important I think.  I sometimes don't want to look at "gains" and I don't know why I might prefer to hide such things from myself.  Maybe it detracts from the process?  Alters the process?  I'll take that up with my artist mentor when we meet next!
I had several opportunities to show my work in 2016 and feel confident that those opportunities will expand going forward.  That was a dividend in 2016 I enjoyed.  Not too many thorns to feel remorse or sadness about in this work this past year.
Picture making can be solitary and picture sharing resolves or completes a connection with others. I've come to appreciate that cycle more this past year.  I want to grow that feeling and learn more from it in the coming months.
The work above is representative I think of some new turns I've taken and things I have enjoyed doing.  I think they are successful and show me who I am becoming.
Thank you for following, for participating in my work.

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