Sunday, January 4, 2015

Return, Part II

So, I wasn't just sifting through old pieces for the past two months or so.  I've  been making some new work, too.  Nothing to show just yet but a remedy for that is on the horizon.
Unfortunately, the laptop I'd relied on for as long as I've been posting to this site met its ultimate fate: irreparable digital confusion. It effortlessly and relentlessly rejected my efforts to revive it so I had to abandon and replace it. All of that has taken time and while drawing, painting and re-learning computer stuff, I just haven't had the inclination to take photos.  Plus, I lost 100's of images I stored on the old gadget and before heading into reassembling a digital portfolio I thought I'd better move carefully and maybe avoid a repeat.
I've made some progress, I think.  Choosing photo editing software has been trial and error and given my budget for such stuff a risky commitment or so I've thought.  Fortunately, I kept on with the charcoal and paint and will show some new things really soon.  If my memory is correct I counted about twenty-five drawings and four or six oil pictures that should be photographed.
I think I've settled on Picasa editing software. I used Sarif for a month or so with some 2014 work I was lucky enough to have saved on cd but I found it had way more features than I think I need.  Also, Windows 8 is awful (my opinion) and made working with it way too difficult.
Picasa has some easy to use adjustment features and is free.  Here are two images, one of which you'll clearly see as an original the other manipulated.


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