Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two experiments

The figure is something I did a few years ago and as is often the case when it was "finished" I didn't know what to think of it.  I was just pushing stuff around...maybe a foundation graphite line or two, some charcoal  and as I tried to sort out the marks I'd made I added large and not so large gouache and watercolor brush marks.  I re-discovered it the other day and now see it in a less ambiguous light, meaning that I appreciate enough of what I now see to show it and call it "done". 
The drawing is something I completed the other day.  I'd been looking at a book about Klimt (no surprise, huh?) around the same time I was thumbing through a big sketchbook trying to decide which nascent "work" I should return to and "bam", you have it!
Yesterday I hung pictures at Sawmill River Arts for the first time.  So, my work is on display someplace.  I am most interested to know how this will influence my very next creative effort and the work beyond.

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