Sunday, April 7, 2013

24" x 36" landscape in progress

I'm thinking that this will remain essentially the same, at least the "bones" are there, the essential divisions, lines of perspective, etc. but there will be lots (I think!) of highlight adjustments to come.  Pretty much study it every day but am holding back with the brushes.  The more I look the more I see...I hope that doesn't go on forever!
Also, I've done some illustrations for a local community farming organization, Just Roots, which the editor has incorporated in the most recent edition of their monthly newsletter.  Wonderful organization and I'm delighted to have been selected to do the work! 


Joanne Holtje said...

Hey Rob:
I wrote a comment a few days ago,but something went screwy (on this end) when I tried to post it.
Anyway, this is looking good!
I particularly like the composition. I think it is very strong and provides enough structure so that you can get adventurous with color,texture, brushwork, whatever, if you like.

Robert Mace Bent said...

Your thoughtful comments are very much appreciated! I'll keep posting as I go along with it.