Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Report

Gouache and watercolor on board

Gouache and watercolor on board

These two pieces are from work I did early in the spring of this year.  I actually don't have any photos of what I have spent my time on since then.....but I hope to remedy that in a few days!  I finished an oil figure, the oil landscape that was so problematic for such a long time and have continued with three (3) large figurative pieces and an abstracted (sort of) floral-stimulated "design", all with oil.  If I can get my act together this weekend I'll photograph them all as well as several to many charcoal/gouache/watercolor works on paper around which I seem to do the canvas work.  I'll reserve making an observation on the productive use of my time until I've posted again.  So until then, the Summer Report is incomplete.  Come back soon!!

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Joanne Holtje said...

Can't wait to see!
But meantime, I really like the figure on the toned paper. In particular, the way she is positioned on the page is very effective.