Sunday, February 14, 2016

River rocks

In progress/oil on canvas
40" x 36"
I did a smaller river rocks piece late last year that I enjoyed working through and have begun another with the idea that I'll build a series.....maybe.  I've had difficulty holding on to "projects" or I should say the idea of a project, through to completion but maybe this is different.  I enjoy the paint pallet and the subject lets the paint reveal a course that is like a dream unfolding.  There is nothing better for me than experiencing the revelations the act of paint moving delivers when things are just right.
Not that there is such a "just right" experience but for a moment things can feel that way.  Maybe that's what keeps golfers on the fairways?  My lifetime project should be shaking ambivalence and ambiguity out of myself.  What fun would that be?  But I would like to build a series of something that is consistent and has something like a clear line of thought and technique.  Along with figurative work this could be it.

Detail of a detail

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