Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tops of 2015

So the year quickly coming to an end was fruitful personally and creatively bringing opportunity into view as well as a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

I'm not much of a planner and setting goals doesn't come easily.  My preference is, it seems, to glide in a way, making corrections along the road as the evidence piles up or obstacles or routes sometimes appear seemingly at random.  Well, some would say that's no way to live and I get that. On an intellectual level I subscribe to objective plan-making but after all, in the binary tension of creativity/emotion/art vs. the plain and simple requirements for sustaining life and property, well there are battles lost and won.

On balance I think I engaged well with those competing claims for attention in 2015.   Having held on to life and shelter and all that they require as well as grow my art skill in ways which I find satisfying and encouraging, I think this year has been wonderful!

Growing existing and new relationships brings such dividends!  2015 provided surprising opportunities for knowing others and self and for that I am the most grateful.  Is it possible that growing older expands the possibilities for growth, compromise, negotiation and appreciation?  I'm kinda thinkin' so.

Along those lines I encountered a quote of Jack Kerouac's just the other day that seems to sum up my cumulative insights into relationships for 2015:

This might be my favorite work of 2015:

Ink on paper

Found new music in 2015 too!  Last post for the year so title fits really well!

More art/more posts in 2016!

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