Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Don't fall for it!"

My art professor friend, who shows his work all over (if he feels like it) told me the other day (while we visited in his cavernous studio surrounded by 12' high canvasses) that he'd gradually pulled away from the need to always like his finished work.  His comment surprised me.  He added however that he thought it was much more important to continue working, pushing ahead.  Maybe he was saying that affection for any particular piece, if it resulted in a lingering pause to enjoy the success of his efforts, was too much of an interruption to be bothered with.  Or, maybe he meant that he wasn't going to judge any longer, just keep on working and leave "appreciation" for others. Either way, I like the thought.  Not sure that degree of objectivity will be incorporated in my practice but his comment has stuck with me and I'm thinking I'm going to try to be less judgmental as I move ahead. If it makes for loose work, that is......see, I won't be objective at all!!!

I manipulated these images in Picassa.  The bottom one is pretty much what the piece looks like in its current iteration. Oil on board.

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