Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Project for summer/visualizing the margins, edges in personal connections

I tried to get this clip positioned differently but alas without success!
I think Ron Sexsmith is a wonderful lyricist and I'm a fan of his "wordsmithing" to the point where I'd describe him as eloquent and on the popular music plateau as one of the really good ones.
Just sort of a coincidence that this piece popped into my listening cache once again. I'd been reading and writing trying to sort out a concept to pursue over the next few months, perhaps longer, that will would put into image(s) my examination of individuality, ego, boundaries and edges....just can't quite put it into better words right now......not too eloquent myself, huh?
Ego development, its strength and weakness is maybe a weird subject for a painter to examine but it seems to me it is a topic loaded with visual possibilities.  While the ego mediates the messages of the external world and establishes a "self" it must, or so I speculate, find room for and integrate with other "egos" and perhaps a particular ego or partner on a more intimate level since our species is social, among other things.  The "spaces between" the lots of other egos around and possibly another ego on a more intimate level is where I want to look.....I think.  Boundaries, reaching, edges, respect, eros, ice and fire, friendship. 
I guess I'll have to challenge my introverted tendencies to see where I'm going with this.
To start, I'm going to consider life in shells!

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