Friday, January 3, 2014

All the way back in 2013!

Well, 2013 seemed to move too least it seems that way as I glance into the driver's side mirror. Some successes, upped the painting time, sold some work, learned a number of what I hope will be key marketing tools and helpful skills, met and worked with some delightful people and hopefully grew using what I think is a unique, if not efficient, developmental trajectory of trial and error.  Mostly error.
As I move into 2014, pallet knife in hand (temporary abandonment of brushes?/jury out!) I looked back at my 2013 posts and identified some pieces, using the hindsight method described above, which I here and now choose as my favorite posted work of the year!  A cohesive body of work, not; an algorithm for the next twelve months, unlikely.  But, today, these are my favorites and I'm trying to take lessons from them. 
These are presented in no particular order:
Any thoughts?

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