Thursday, September 27, 2012

"path to another's time"

36" x 48"
Oil on canvas
This is done......I say that knowing my pension for returning to pieces, so we'll see.  But I do actually think it is, for now, a finished item.  And I plan to enter it in a competition this week, a show at the South Shore Arts center in Cohasset which begins in November, I think.  Revealing that intention however is likely the kiss of death.  Seems each time I announce my next move vis a vis getting the work seen the judges decide otherwise.

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Joanne Holtje said...

Hey. I could fill a gallery with pieces that have been turned away by judges, you just only hear about the accepted ones! Don't sweat it. It is just one person's opinion at one moment in time. This is not a critique of submitted paintings. So don't take it as such. You will never know if the judge was dying to include this piece or that piece, but due to space restraints or how works fit together as a whole show, just had to make some painful cuts. A good judge should be able to look beyond their "favorite" styles, colors, media, whatever, but they are human! You also never know if they are really being allowed to work independently or if they are under pressure by the hosting organization to include certain artists' works.
Once, I was picking up a "rejected" piece (my other submission had gotten in) and a very distraught woman was being consoled by a volunteer who told her that next year she should submit two pieces because basically everyone who submitted two pieces got at least one in to their shows. Ugh.
I know, these "pay to be judged" shows feel like the only way to get your art out in the world. That's why I do them, but you have to be realistic about what are: fundraisers for the hosting organization. And I am not against that, but it does come into play when I select which shows to try for.

Here are some of the things I consider:
Is this an organization I feel like supporting?
How's the gallery space?
Do they ever succeed is selling work?
Is the judge someone I would like to get my work in front of?
Do they print a catalog or post the show online?

Okay, I've gone on long enough!
very wordily yours,