Monday, July 16, 2012

What a month! But still some time for art!

Belated birthday recognition for Gustav Klimt- the 150th anniversary of his birth was Saturday July 14th.  His decorative work, i.e. patterns, lines, zig-zags, circles, color combinations, all just so imaginative, I feel.
So, been absent here for a long time....maybe a month.  In the interim had to replace an automobile, begin a job search and prepare for and execute the wedding festivities for the youngest of our daughters!  It was the last activity which brought the greatest happiness, delight, energy and joy...overwhelmed the other stuff by lots!!
Faith was married by the ocean in Marion, Massachusetts on June 30th. with the reception just steps away at a beautiful facility, part of a club my family has had connections with for decades.  Danced and had fun 'til they insisted we leave to allow the staff to set up for the next day's events.  Music provided by Shirley Lewis,  a Boston blues institution who at seventy-five made the house jump!  Great party!!
Spent two weeks at the beach in Marion, freed from the constraints of employment, swimming, doing the wedding stuff, having friends and family visit.  Just Great!  And, today I got my first unemployment check!  Could life be better??!
Not gonna go into the job stuff  'cept to say that looking for work is a challenge, so if anyone wants to make an offer on a picture.......
With all of that I still had some time to do art.  Walked the beach on Sippican Bay each day and retrieved bags of shells.  I'd sit at a table, arrange them in some fashion and find my pens and sketchbook.

Here are a few samples.


Joanne Holtje said...

Nice, Rob!
Sounds like a wonderful time... except for the car buying and job-hunting. Groan.
I like your shells. Any thoughts of making paintings from them? I can imagine one of your dreamy, reclining figures with a shell shape. A contemporary take on Venus, perhaps?

Robert Mace Bent said...

I like the shell/figure composition concept and it is something I've thought about. [Sometimes I'm thinking instead of doing!] We'll see. Painting of shells? I've done 3 or 4 pastels the last few days and have incorporated them in two pix I'm working on. Thanks for comment!!

Jessika Bat said...

Hey Rob!
Lovely shells :) It's funny that you mentioned Gustav Klimt; out here in LA at the Getty Museum I just visited a huge exhibit of his artwork called the Magic of Line. It was breathtaking!! All of the figure sketches made me think of you!
Anyways, glad to hear you're well.
-Jess (Becca)