Sunday, April 22, 2012

Four Images

If this looks like a confusing array of stuff, well I guess that's just what it is!  Maybe a reflection of how I am working right now.  The top piece represents the work as it was a week ago or so....I decided it needed more color and movement so I've been pushing circular strokes from back to front (so to speak) and maybe I will take a another poor photo of it today for posting later.  Two images down is a detail of the same work from a month ago or so.  The lower ink picture is the "outline" for something I hope to start with oil sometime soon.
Not much progress to report on getting the work seen.  Mostly thinking about that and as everyone knows thought doesn't always convert into action.  I have this crazy notion (I am ashamed to admit) that maybe I'll be found and then I won't have to do anything to get myself into the stream!  And, at the same time I feel like I'm not ready to be "found"!  Oh boy, the conflicts in the painter's inner life!!  Thanks for checking in!  

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