Sunday, January 1, 2012


Oil on canvas
12" x 12"
Since having this photographed I have made several minor changes, primarily in the foreground but also the middle row of trees.  I guess that would make this posting that of a "work in progress" as it were but now I've got it done....I just don't have a photo!
Journal:  I spent almost six hours in my studio today painting and listening to football.  I paid attention to each play as it was called and gave less thought to specific brush marks.....pulled color from a slightly distracted "inspiration" and worked with reference to a drawing and a photograph.  Line and energy were the important criteria, color too but less thought went into color selection.  Once I got moving I couldn't stop.  I've got four pieces in process of completion right now and am anxious to get started on two or three larger works I have general ideas about. I keep studying my work so see where it is going, where I am going with it.  Landscapes and figures becoming less real, more expressive; more in the direction of unfiltered responses to what I'm feeling and seeing; using less and less organizational judgment and looking for balance and rhythm, things I always knew marked good work.  

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