Sunday, November 6, 2011

Writing about painting and other things.......

In the past I have been content to make pictures, enjoy the process of bringing something to a conclusion and then spinning off in whatever direction I felt pushed or pulled to work through the next thing.  Having the work (completed or otherwise) close at hand to consider, reconsider, hide (sometimes!), hang on the wall or lean on a window frame, there for my occasional pleasure as well as anyone who finds their way to my work-space.  I sometimes rotate pictures in and out of my house too, so I guess I do have another favorite venue (my living room) and visitors there can see the pieces, too.  And, yes an occasional exhibit at a local cafe or participation in a group show (which I'm doing right now) but not much sharing other than that.
All of that is to say that I want to make some changes, I want to find opportunities to display and exhibit what I do.  I think this is going to be difficult as well as time consuming!
There is an emerging art venue in my community so I'm going to try to put something together there.  It is a setting that may allow for both exhibition and demonstration.  More later.
This picture seems appropriate for the time of year.

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Joanne Holtje said...

Go, Rob! Yes. Do share your art with a wider audience. It is rewarding, fascinating to hear what others see, and it pushes your art-making to a new level. Absolutely go for it. Joanne