Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finding the lines and finding the image

Green River/watercolor and ink/c. 5"x5"

I've been reading a biography of Marc Chagall over the summer. How I could have waited so long to know more about him, his family and his work?!!  Jackie Wullschlager, the author, puts the Chagalls in the room with me as I read and brings to life a period in history reverberating to this day.  
As with any individual's observations of another, Wullschlager's choice of which dots to connect might not reveal Chagall's every need or motive but the volume is a spectacular treasure. Paris and Berlin in the 1920's and later, Russia, antisemitism, slippery gallery owners and art patrons, fragile bodies stressed again and again, success in small and large increments, an artist's life intertwined with poets, actors, poverty, wealth, political and social upheaval, religious traditions, philosophical questions.  And within it all the story of the evolution of the art of an expressive painter whose work continues to reveal layer upon layer of the life he knew.
So, I'm channeling Chagall.  I hope he wouldn't be too offended.

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