Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mostly new work on exhibit 7/6/2010 through 9/4/2010

Cafe Siren is a favorite stop of mine! Delicious and reasonably priced lunch, wonderful coffee concoctions, busy, congenial atmosphere and wall space for art exhibitions featuring locally produced work!! So, when I approached Dre and Sarah, the ambitious and dedicated owners about showing my work in turn, they were enthusiastic and quite supportive. I hung the last image earlier today, a large watercolor piece depicting the buildings along a side street in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The section of Gloucester where Short Street is located continues to hold my attention after all the years I've visited Cape Ann.

Although this piece is several years old I wanted to include it with the other, new and newer pictures I chose to show. Six works are displayed. Two 2010 oils, one 2010 gouache/watercolor/charcoal, two 2009 oils and the aforementioned watercolor street scene.

Cafe Siren is located at 204 Main Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts. Generally, it is open seven days per week until about 6:00p.m. Interested art fans can check http://www.thesirencafe.com/ for directions and hours of operation.

Included with this post are images of two pieces in the show. My efforts thus far to interpret the prose of Raymond Carver make up the balance.


Kailen said...

Yay Dad! Want to see more pictures!

PoedyPencilPrincess said...

Congratulations on your exhibit. Very exciting!

Sarah said...

These are really nice pieces -- I especially like the trees. It reminds me of a tree-lined road I used to go down a lot.

Robert Mace Bent said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Sarah. And of course I appreciate that you liked the pieces! The scene you mention is a representation of a sidewalk in Historic Deerfield, Massachusetts.....it evolved over time from an impressionist sort of view to what it is now.

Anonymous said...

beautiful. have you considered selling the painting of the path, yet? We're very interested in that piece. Sara and Dre know us, you can find us through them (Greg and Cassie)