Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photo of studio; oil portraits; preliminary drawings

In early January I decided I needed to increase the volume of my work, both in terms of the number of pieces I'd complete and their dimensions. So, maybe a progress report is due? Well, it is difficult to make four new and larger works each month!! I've certainly been able to continue with my studio drawing as well as pen and ink work in my sketch books but the number of completed canvases hasn't kept pace with my wishful planning. That isn't to say I'm going to abandon the objective; I'd like to keep working toward that goal as I am not certain it isn't attainable.
This post includes a picture of my studio taken earlier today as well as some new and old work. The white, reclined figure is a work in progress; the portrait is finished. The charcoal and ink drawings are preliminary planning for three pictures based on short stories written by Raymond Carver.
I seem to have all the artistic inspiration I need, just have to keep it going.

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