Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Studio! New work!

Not so new now, since I've been there for the month of February plus a few days. After a reasonably careful artist-like search I was able to locate a really nice space to share with another painter at the Leverett Crafts and Arts building in Leverett, Massachusetts. Studio A-5, to be exact, on the second floor, facing east with a view into woods now covered with snow. Nice, quite artist's community of painters, potters, jewelers, instrument makers and the like. There is a large and open gallery space (Barnes Gallery) for exhibits and my sense is that LCA has a focus on being the center for arts in the local community by offering classes and work space. I am excited at the prospect of being there!
Just above is a picture of my space taken a few days ago as well as a close-up few of a painting I am working on this week. No title, yet, but "Nails" has a good chance, huh? It is oil and acrylic; the oil has been applied over some of the "original" acrylic under painting. As between the two mediums I find oil to be much more flexible, easier to move around and most appropriate for the way I like to paint.
The scene is of Greenfield and started from sketches I did of a portion of the block on the south side of Main Street opposite what was then Cafe Koko. Actually, I did the sketches while sitting in Koko's drinking iced coffee.
It is approximately 12" x 12". Nails is a fingernail salon; next door is a Korean restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely, Rob! Nice space, nice community. Congratulations! I sense that you will create much inspired art there :-)

Anetka said...

Congratulations on your new studio:)
I would also be exited:)

I hope to see the finished painting soon, can't wait:)
Good Luck in new community:)